Sunday, April 25, 2010

The first fish of the season

Henry caught the first and only fish for the Shaw's Saturday.

Thomas and Henry learned how to clean out a fish on Saturday

Lovely guts

Thomas cutting the fish up

Lizzy at Junior Ranger Day
We were busy Saturday doing lots of fun things. We woke up early and fished with the cub scouts. The scouts caught 4 total. Henry caught 1. He did sing the fishy song and counted to 100 til he moved his rod. The boys (including Chris) learned how to clean a fish. The boys went home and cooked the fish while I went out to lunch.
We also went to Jr. Ranger Day. It was great. Sorry, I wasn't with the boys so only a picture of Lizzy. Lizzy is brave to sit on a cougar.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Henry's Fishing

He is so happy to go fishing
Henry learning how to cast

The joy of fishing

Thomas is getting pretty good at casting the pole

Lizzy terrorizing the ducks.

We were finally able to take Henry out with his new fishing pole. We have gone 2 times now and haven't got a fish yet. Maybe Saturday.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Vacation

We have been busy this last week doing fun things. Chris took Monday and Tuesday off to hang out with us during Spring Vacation. We ended up not going to Mount Saint Helens since the roads are still closed. (Who would have thought there was still snow up in the mountains.) We did go hiking at Sol Duc falls (didn't get to the falls since the road was closed 2 miles before the head of the trail because of snow). We tried to hike in but it was too long for the boys to do when we said we were only going on a 1 1/2 mile hike. It was fun to be outdoors and smell the trees. We also touched our first snow of the season.
*The next day the boys went and saw The Lightening Thief; which they said was really good. Thomas liked the book better then the movie and Henry liked the movie better then the book. Lizzy and I went shopping in Silverdale and finally got my dress for the wedding. YEAH!!!!!
*The boys went and made some fused glassed projects. Can't wait to see how they turned out.
*Made bird biscuts; didn't turn out so well
*went swimming at the indoor pool. It was Lizzy's first time in a pool. She loved it.
*Made bean bags out of balloons and beans. They turned out great. Now I have bombs in the house again.
*Went to a bird show and learned about the Red hawk, two different type of owls, and so forth. We learned a lot. It was fun.
*Tiny finished plastering my walls. Now, I am deciding on what color green to paint with.
* We also got our raised garden boxes almost done. With all the digging that has been done in my garden I am amazed the boys did not found a cement slap about 1 foot around and 18 inches deep. So we are deciding what to do with it. It is much to big for us to lift out. It will probably stay there til Chris can lift and hammer the cement out.
*On Monday morning right before school, Thomas asked how much longer he had before summer vacation. That is the hardest thing about Spring Vacation, you just get a taste of what summer will be like.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lizzy's life

Her dolly is sick
run, run, run, as fast as you can.

Thomas' outdoor meal

We went down to the spit on Friday night so Thomas could do his last requirement for earning his Wolf. He needed to plan, and prepare an outdoor meal. What can be better then hot dogs and smores for dinner. YEAH!!!! The next thing on his list, he wants to earn the World Conservation Award.


My three monkeys

An bald eagle (thomas' favorite)

They are such good friends

Thomas is getting really good at taking pictures

The reason we went to the zoo. The boys both studied Penguins in first grade. They have a love for penguins.
The zoo was really fun this weekend. Lizzy loved the cheetah sleeping. Thomas loved the bald eagle, otters and so many others. Henry got sick while we were at the zoo so he endured. We have been meaning to go for over a year. Now, I can say I am a good mom.