Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Henry was a dragonfly on Halloween Day and a soccer player on Saturday!!!

Isn't it great that Thomas can get ready for himself. Lizzy loved watching him.Lizzy is a pink and black cat for Halloween.

Meow is all she said all afternoon

Lizzy is so excited for treat and tricking. Life is great when there is chocolate around.

Thomas was a mad scienctist.

The load from one treat or tricking stop. Lizzy is trying to get Thomas to give her candy!!!!!

Lizzy lined up all her candy and then ate most of it on Sunday!!!!

We went and got pizzas from Papa Murphys. Lizzy even saw an ape making her pizza. I couldn't figure out if she really thought if the ape was real or fake.

I really like this picture. They are such good friends!!!!!!