Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thomas NOT doing his homework.

This afternoon I found Thomas like this.

I have no idea why he decided to do this.

He was suppose to be doing his homework.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Since I downloaded the pictures from end to beginning, you can see what we have been doing in the reverse order we did them in. We decided everyone got to pick a day and do something they would like to do during Spring Break. Thomas picked rock climbing. Lizzy picked hiking. Henry picked the Pacific Science Center since there are live butterflies there. I picked the temple and glass museum (didn't get to go since the car broke down). Chris bought a video game and spent quality time with the Honda!!!!! (Plus he fixed the lawn mower and mowed too!!!!)

At the end our hike we were able to see a family of deer (there was about 5 of them eating dinner in the pasture). This is one of probably 30 or 40 pictures the boys took!!!! They still love their camera. Henry found this cool insect on the bridge. Do you know what it is? If you guessed a stonefly, you are correct. Lizzy loved looking at the stonefly!!!!! No fear of bugs.
This picture is in the wrong place. I can't figure out how to insert pictures in between pictures (if you know what I mean). Henry is inside the Butterfly exhibit and one has landed on him.
I read a book recently to Lizzy about the alphabet in nature where they would found letters naturally in nature. It was pretty cool. Some of the pictures in the book came from the Olympic National Park. I figure since we hike at a slower pace I could look for letters. I found one on our hike. (sorry the picture needs to be turned). I found the letter A!!!!

Yes, I still love kissing Chris.

Yes, we took this rock home and many others.

This was Lizzy's day. She smiled all the way there. On the way home she didn't listen to her mother and got her feet wet so she was a little sad on the way back.

Oh-yeah---This is Marymere Falls. I nice 1.5 miles hike round trip.
Isn't this a great picture of family (except me)!!!!
This picture of my family burning their toothpick and marshmallow models. They are excited to go camping this year----build and burn!!!!!
Lizzy ready to go swimming.

Chris was awesome and booked a hotel for two nights. We were able to swim and hang out, and not cook for three days!!!!!
Guess what we will be doing next year?????
At the pacific science center they had a special exhibit about technology and star wars. It was quite interesting. I was able to build a Lego car and have it float by using magnetics. It was really cool. The boys did this too and a couple of other hands-on technology things like robots and computer stuff.
We also saw a ton of star war models they used in the movies.

The boys thought it was really cool. Lizzy tolerated it.

I liked this picture of the kids snuggling with Chris before a supercold show.
Everyone was able to have a butterfly land on them.

We know why this butterfly liked Thomas.
I think we stayed in the exhibit about a hour. This was Henry's favorite place and probably could go back again and again.
Lizzy walked in and a butterfly landed on her within 15 seconds. They actually really liked Lizzy. We couldn't figure out if it was her pink clothes or if she was so sweet!!!!

We had a great time at the science center.

So we went rock climbing again. Thomas loved it again. I don't know why this picture is upside down. Thomas is taking pictures with his camera at different angles.

Henry likes to boulder more then rock climb.
Thomas almost at the top. One of his many builds.

Spring Break is over and we had a great time.

It give me a taste of summer (but we still have 46 more days of school). I am really looking forward to summer and having no schedule (kind-of).

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Thomas decided to make a kite this weekend since he didn't have a small kite like his brother and sister. Lizzy hurt her chin at swimming lessons this Friday. I took her into the doctors and she got glued. (We had the choice between stitches and being glued but she cried for a hour before we could get into the doctors so I decided if I ever wanted Lizzy to go to the doctors without a fight again we would glue her.) She is very proud of her chin now.
Our new tradition for Saturday Conference-----

Pull apart cinnamon carmel bread. It is soooo good.
Henry is starting to collect again when the sun is out (which hasn't been many days lately). He spents hours in the yard collecting whatever flies by.