Sunday, September 26, 2010


Chris came home today after some meetings and the children were so excited to see him. He got a triple hug!!!! Isn't this is what life is all about!!! Those simple moments of happiness.
Yes Lizzy we think you are still cute

Thomas find this awesome carrot in our garden. The orange carrot (hard to see) is wrapping around the yellow one.

Our carrots were the vegetable that grew the best this year. We got a hand full of brussel sprouts, two tomatoes, lots of beans (which no one really likes to eat but they sure like to pick them) and some lettuce.

Thomas playing soccer

Henry is waiting for the 2nd half of the soccer game.

Henry loves playing goalie. He is actually really good at it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy Week

My closet full of all my stuff (doesn't it look great)
My room (isn't it great there isn't a pile a mile high---just a couple of more nights going through all the stuff)

Thomas ready for bears

Lizzy has been enjoying taking pictures of us.

Lizzy's first day of school
Lizzy's left window

Lizzy's main window

Lizzy's right window (you can kind-of see the yellow wall)

We had our first week of a full schedule. We haven't been home except to eat and sleep. On Saturday the boys just wanted to sit but they couldn't do that. We had a schedule to keep.
What have we been doing this week. Well. . . . . soccer, soccer, soccer (we have soccer practice every night uesday through Friday plus games on Saturday). The boys love it. They smile the whole time. Thomas team is called the Silver Tankers. What more do I need to say. Henry's team doesn't have a name yet. Henry's favorite position is the goalie. He isn't afraid of the ball coming at him. He loves it. He played goalie for 3/4 of the game and didn't let the other team score. Awesome. Every year it gets more fun to watch the boys play soccer.
The boys are starting to get use to the school thing again. It is getting harder and harder for them to wake up in the morning. They are enjoying the social scene at school. They have been coming home with grasshoppers in their pockets. I guess it is good that bugs don't bother me.

Lizzy loves gymnastics. She was so cute when we got to the gym. She was shaking and said "I am so excited." She didn't leave. She had such a great time.

I finished a few projects that I have been working on. I finished Lizzy's room except for a couple of things. But the painting is done for that most part. It turned out better then what I thought it would. I also got 1/2 of the closet painted. I really wanted to get my stuff in the closet so my bedroom wasn't a storage unit. I can say the closet is SOOOOOOO wonderful. I have all my stuff in there and have some extra room. YEAH!!!!! It looks great.

As for new things that are happening. This week is the first time I have heard thundering and saw lightening in Port Angeles at my house. I have seen lighting at Hurricane Ridge when we have been hiking but I don't think that counts. As for other news. . . . Chris is the 2nd counselor in the bishopic now.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of School

Lizzy is so ready to start school!!!!
I had to put this one in even though she didn't wear it today. This is what she wore hiking with the cub scouts on Tuesday. She also had an umbrella since it was pouring rain. She was quite cute hiking in all pink with a bunch of cub scouts.
I thought that was a cute picture of their backpacks.

Thomas. Look at how long his legs are. He is all legs right now. Plus he grew during the summer (at least his feet did 2 1/2 shoe sizes)

Perry won this morning.

Aren't they cute

Today is the first day of school. I personally think it is the easiest day to get them off. They were both excited but really nervous. Hope they have a wonderful year!!!!