Monday, May 31, 2010

The LONG weekend

Picture of Thomas sleeping on the floor. Many morning we are finding Thomas on the floor. I guess it is more comfortable then his bed.

The boys went in together to buy a new Wii controller. They had fun playing the Wii this weekend

Playing around the waterfall.
The family picture

The kids picture (Which I think is always better then the family picture)

Isn't that a great picture of Thomas

Henry is cute also

Love this picture of the two of thems. They are two peas in a pod.

One of the many creeks on the way to the falls

Well, this long weekend is over and we had a great one. Saturday, we worked in the yard (or I guess Chris worked in the yard while we watched him). Sunday was the usual Church and playing games. Monday, everyone slept in (Lizzy til 8:00). We picked up the house in the morning and then in the afternoon we hiked up to Sol Duc Falls. It was fun to see the waterfalls in the spring. It was raining for some of it but it was great to be outdoors. Hiking always puts me in a good mood.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lizzy's Adventures

She came down and wanted to dress up in this outfit. A slip, a tutu, monkey necklace and a flower in her hair. Between this outfit and PJ's this is all Lizzy will wear.

Lizzy loves swining and the tree swing. She loves touching the leaves.

Weekend Bike Ride

Lizzy laid down and was trying to find beach combers. We had found a whole bunch and she was trying to do the same thing we were.

How many hours have I spent watching Thomas and Henry throw rocks and try to hit a target. (Probably not as many hours has watching them dig)

Henry loves to write his name in and on things.

Thomas waiting for us to catch up

Ready to go home

Lizzy being just like Brothers

Thomas climbing

Henry biking (the second beach we stopped at)

We decided to go for our first long bike ride since we hooked up Lizzy's sit to my bike. We rode all the way to the end of the spit (Ediz Hook) and back. It is about a 7 mile bike ride. It took about 3 hours probably because we stopped at 3 beaches on the way back and played.

Potting Projects

Sorry for the up close on this one. I planted two on my back deck. I planted Fusha's, little Nancy's, ivy (from last year) and another plant from last year.
Our garden with our new garden boxes. Everything has survive except one Brussels sprout plant. We are already seeing lettuce, peas, beans and carrots. We are still waiting for the zucchini to come up. Hopefully, things will survive a little better since the boxes are a no dig area.

I will not be able to name the plants in the pots. But don't they look great.

A few people wanted to see what my pots look liked after I planted them. Hopefully, they will grow, grow, grow. A really wish Nancy was here to do this all.

New Neigh"birds" (Neighbors)

This is a common house sparrow. The mother bird is huge. She sits here and . . . .
here. She finally is getting use to the idea people are around and will not bug her.
This bird is a greenback swallow and has moved into the fort. This bird is a little more nervous around people. Poor bird----a yucky crow was trying to scare her away by sitting on top of the birdhouse.

We are enjoying our new pets. We have also seen a few humming birds, a couple of different type of finches, and many others.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pete and Jessica's Wedding

The boys loved their job: getting the presents.
Yes, my child is the only one naked.

Climbing trees. Thomas is a monkey (Thomas gets his monkeyness from Chris).

All of us kids together

Thomas is a great example to his cousin Bruce. He has given him a few climbing tips. Good luck Eliza when you get home!!!

Yes, Lizzy you still are my princess even though Jessica looks like one too.

Love the shoes

Yes, Uncle Andy is still our favorite and always will be.

Very cute kids

Thought I should post some wedding pictures since we had some pretty cute pictures of my family.
We had a great time at the wedding even though when you ask the boys what they enjoyed best the wedding day was not their top choice. They loved the swimming pool and playing at Grandma's with their cousins. My favorite part was the actual wedding ceremony. What a great day.

Blue Dagger

Thomas had a great time. He was even laughing at the end of the derby. Thomas and his blue dagger

Look at how fast it is.

The Pinewood Derby was held Saturday. We had three wards come and it was a lot of fun seeing all the different cars the boys made. My cubs had a great time. Thomas got 2nd place (YEAH!!!!!) and he got the award for most aerodynamic. He is very proud of it. He thought he would come in 3rd so he did better then what he thought.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things my children want you to see

Henry waited patiently for his Stained glass panel. Now he knows his mother loves him. Isn't it beautiful.
Hank was a very good horse Saturday and let Lizzy do his hair.

Thomas is climbing a tree.

Singing Concert

Where is Thomas?

Can you find Henry?

I always thought Thomas and Chris looked alike but Henry and Chris such act alike. Isn't that cute.

Both Thomas and Henry had their concert together last Tuesday. They had a good time singing lots of great songs. It is fun to see the different personalities when signing the same song. Thomas was really into it; doing the actions, smiling and having a good time. Henry was there. Singing, but enduring the concert.