Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Week of Summer

Well, it was the last full week of summer vacation (and it actually felt like summer. I think it hit 75 degrees 3 days in a row). We had a great week playing with neighbor friends, going on a hike and playing at the beach.

We went hiking up at Hurricane Hill (just past Hurricane Ridge). On the way up to the hike we almost ran over a black bear. I haven't seen one this close before and was glad I was in the car. The bear looked back at us after he cross the street and was glad we didn't run him over.

Hurricane Hill is one of my favorite easy hikes because the views are so beautiful. It was a great day because there were no clouds covering the views. (The mosquitoes were awful but the views were great).

Here is a view of the south side of our hike (we could see a lot of the peaks from Mt. Olympus to Fritzhenry).
Here is the view from the east

Here is the view from the North. There is Port Angeles down there with the spit and Victoria a little farther away

Lizzy loved the lake

The boys climb the rocks

Here is the hiking picture of the three kids.

We hung out at East Beach for two days. The first day Thomas and Henry built a dam (I think that spent 4 hours on it). The dam was really cool. When they broke the dam, the creek went a different direction for awhile. I also finally convinced Lizzy to jump off the log. She went out and jumped off and wouldn't go again. She told everyone she was still sick from jumping off the log. It was pretty awesome she went out so far and jumped. Henry also got brave and dived off the log. He said he touched the bottom (which is pretty good since it is so deep there) The second day we played on rafts with our friends. (I will really miss this beach----I love sitting on the beach watching the children play, bald eagles fly, just looking at the mountains and be able to tell you which peak is which and talking to my friends about life).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, after downloading all the pictures I think I should have posted the pictures in the opposite direction. You will have to see what we did from the end to the beginning.

We had a wonderful time and we are totally exhausted from our vacation.

It was really fun to see everyone and see what they were up to.

We also looked for houses and saw lots of them and kind-of figured out what we would like.

Now we just have to wait for our house to be sold. Keep praying!!!!!

On the way home from Sarah's we decided to go to the Jelly Belly factory. We had a great time eating Jelly Belly all the way home.
This is what Henry and Lizzy looked liked in the car. Lizzy slept most of the day while Henry slept for the last couple of hours!!!! She was so tired. She played and played and played while we were away and hopefully she will sleep and sleep and sleep for the next couple of days.

Crazy Sunday

After church this is what you have to do. GO CRAZY!!!

The kids took the camera and took over 75 pictures so here some.

The California's Damstedt

Thomas jumping out of a tree

Aren't they cute

The park is always fun

Great America was fun. All the kids had a great time.

The kids love each other even after all day

Isn't she cute. She can pose really good!!!!

Reading with Ben and Sarah was always awesome!!!!

At Grandma's and Grandpa's Damstedt

The boys went fishing on the canoe a couple of times and loved it.

They told me it was more fun to be at grandma's house without me (I made them go school shopping)!!!! What can you say Grandparents are more fun the parents.

Lizzy posing again.

Well, I didn't get many pictures from Mom's house but they spoiled us just like Ben and Sarah!!!! We had so much fun and it was great to decompress from the stress of getting the house ready for the market. It will be great to live closer to family. We are all looking forward to it.