Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Night of the Notables

Night of the Notables is a 4th grade project where the 4th grader picks a notable person they would like to learn more about. Thomas and his classmates have spent the last 1 1/2 months researching and writing a speech about their person.

As you can tell Thomas is not very happy about it. He didn't get the person he wanted (Frank Lloyd Wright). There wasn't a book at the 4th grade reading level about him. Anyway, he has been really upset by it all month. He was given the person Thomas Jefferson which he did a great job at researching and writing his speech.
Here is Thomas speaking to the audience. He had lots and lots of information on Thomas Jefferson like his nickname was Red Fox, he is on the $2.00 bill and the nickel, he wrote the Declaration of Independence, he was a poor speaker and had a high pitch voice and he was in debt by $2 million (in today's money) and he designed the Monticello, Virginia State House and the University of Virginia buildings and grounds.

Good Job, Thomas!!!!

We are all glad it is done.

Ediz Hook, "The Spit"

Saturday was a quiet day where we didn't have anything planned, so we asked what the kids wanted to do and they all had different ideas but they all got to do what they wanted. Lizzy is into collecting rocks right now. She wanted to go to the spit and collect more rocks. Henry wanted to go on another bike ride and Thomas wanted to go hiking. Lizzy and I took the car down to the end of the spit while the boys rode their bikes and we met up 45 minutes later.
The tide was coming in while we were there. The kids explored the shore about 1 1/2 hours. I give Lizzy a bag and said she could collect as many rocks as she could carry. Thomas and Henry are always stuffing rocks in their coats and pants. Their rocks get tumble dried quite a bit.

During that 1 1/2 hours of searching we were able to see a seal swimming around, and lots of birds. We saw Osprey. They are huge and there were probably 4 or 5 of them hanging out at the spit. I think they are bigger then a bald eagle. I saw a black bird with neon orange beak. I think they are called a Black Oystercatcher. I have never seen one before. There were two and they were beautiful. We saw a Golden Eagle or an young Bald Eagle (wasn't quite sure, Thomas and I had different options). Anyway, there were a ton of birds. It was fun to sit and watch them. I am usually not into birds but Saturday was a bird day for me.

The boys traveling home. Of-course Lizzy and I won the contest and bet them home.

Later that day, Thomas wanted to climb up Mount Storm King again. Since Henry didn't want to go and Lizzy wasn't invited, I stayed home with the other two and went shopping for food. Chris told me after the hike that he had to tell Thomas to "slow down." Chris couldn't keep up with Thomas. Thomas was too fast. WOW!!!! They hiked to the top in 1 hour and 20 minutes. That is pretty good!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pyramid Mountain

Chris and I were able to go on a "date" while the kids went to the movies with their grandma and grandpa. It was a beautiful day yesterday. It actually felt warm (55 degrees, that is what I heard. Don't know if it is true). We decided to go hiking up Pyramid Mountain (which we did with Ben probably 9 or 10 years ago). It was a great hike without any stops except when I had to rest. It was nice to go on a long hike (7 miles) and not have to tell stories the whole time (Kids are great but it was really fun to hike without them)!!!!

This is not pyramid mountain. I think it is Aurora Peak which is on the other side of Pyramid Mountain with Lake Crescent in the middle of them
Not the best picture of me but I needed to prove I had once again made it to the top.
Lake Crescent and Lake Sutherland are in the background. It was pretty windy up at the top and the clouds were coming in so we didn't stay long.

I like this picture of Lake Crescent and just beyond the mountains is the Juan De Fuca Strait. You cannot see Victoria from this picture but it was fun to see the ships cruise on by and think you are so close to Canada.

Great picture of Chris.

This hike is a historical hike. The army had 13 lookouts during WWII to look for the enemy so the enemy couldn't come into Puget Sound without the USA knowing. This is one of three that are left.

I really like this hike. The trail is really nice without many rocks. We haven't done it in years because there was a major landslide. The National Park said they had the landslide fix and it was passable. Yea, kind-of. It was easier going there then coming back. Probably since I was tired coming back. There were some places on the landslide where there was no hard ground to stand on and at one point a big rock crumble from the mountain into my hands all the way down the landslide. I was glad I didn't have all my weight on it. Once Chris took my hand I felt safe and didn't worry (but he did. But that is his job.)

Anyway, won't do that hike for probably another 10 years or until they really, really fix the landslide area.

I love hiking and for Chris taking care of me!!!!

Does this count

Chris caught Thomas doing this. He was actually doing his technic exercises.

Does practicing the piano and reading books (on how to build model airplanes) at the same time count for reading time and practicing the piano?