Sunday, February 28, 2010

Penguins---Pencils of Power

So awesome!!!!

Rockhopper penguins jump to rock to rock and they have a red eye.

Henry was selected to be 1st grader in January to earn Pencils of Power. He worked really hard writing this awesome story about Rockhopper penguins.

Penguins Cont.

Rockhoppers pengiums eat krillfish and seals eat them.

Rockhopper penguins when they get hungry they push one to fall off to check the water for leopard seals.

Rockhopper penguins they lay two eggs in one year in mud.

Rockhopper pegiuns have a yellow feathers on their head.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lovey Children

Lizzy is sad because she wants all of Henry's presents (most of all the fishing pole)
Henry is pouting because I didn't get the right type of pizza and garlic bread for his birthday (and many other things)!!!

Henry is 7!!!!!

Birthday cake!!!!
Henry and Blake. They both have Coon Hats.

Finally, all the boys have fishing poles!!!! No more sharing

Henry got a rock polisher. It will be intersting to see how his rocks turn out.

Henry is throwing his new football.

I can't believe that Henry is 7. Henry was able to have his family birthday party on Tuesday. He wanted pizza and garlic bread with Root Beer Floats. We also had ice cream cake. He got some really cool things.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Evil Lizzy

Evil from the front side
Evil from the back side
(she wanted me to take a picture from both sides)

Lizzy has been going around the house saying she is evil. It is quite funny.

Blue and Gold

Thomas during the Blue and Gold Banquet. He was sick!!! (I tell you it is about every 2 weeks lately someone gets sick and throws-up)
All the other cub scouts at the Blue and Gold

Well, the 1st of many Blue and Gold Banquets is over. It was a very nice time and Thomas got many awards (which I picked up for him). He got Video Games, Nutrition, Reading and Writing belt loop. He also got Map and compass, Marbles, Geography and kickball belt loop and pin. He got the BSA, woodworking and Sunday segments. Way to go. Thomas has worked hard this last month to get all those awards.

Happy Birthday Chris

Still love playing the Wii
I finally was able to keep a serect from Chris. His present was a total surprise. I got him kayak lessons.

A wii game so he isn't bored in a couple of weeks.

Henry was cute. He is the only one of the boys that don't have a fishing pole now. He asked his Dad if he would share when they go fishing. Chris said his pole was probably too big for him and maybe next time they go fishing he would have his own fishing pole. Henry still doesn't believe it.

Chris turned 35 on Saturday. He is getting old.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sorry, I haven't posted lately. It seems like I couldn't get to the computer to do it. We have busy as usual. I have mostly been doing cub scout stuff (belt loop and pin clinic, blue and gold, making tool boxes, making a Noah's Ark, etc.)!!!!

Chris is studying like crazy. I really can't wait for his test to be done. Henry has been drawing with awesome pencils he got from his uncle. Plus I got him oil pastels for valentines which he loves. Thomas has finished another puzzle that was wolves. He is starting on 100 chickens plus 1 worm puzzle. This one is 750 pieces so it might take him a week to do. Lizzy has been busy taking care of all her dolls. They have been sick lately. She carries them around in the sick bucket just in case they throw-up.

Fun Weekend

At the beach again

Henry and Thomas biking.

Crazy Hair

Lizzy sleeping on the dryer

Biking with Charlie

Lizzy woke up with crazy hair a couple of days ago. I couldn't get it to go down all day.

Really crazy

Cute Pictures

We went biking this weekend at the waterfront trail. Lizzy really wanted to ride her bike. After the duck pond she ran all the way to the dirt part of the trail and then ran back. She was really tired that night.