Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa Shaw

We had a busy week at Grandma and Grandpa's House. 
We went to Disneyland, went to the beach (two times---one time at night and another time during the day), hung out with cousins and second cousins and aunts and uncles, Thanksgiving Dinner, rock climbed, went to Nick's soccer game, shopped with teenagers, did archery, and much more. 

 There are actually waves at Huntington Beach.  The boys (especially Henry) loved playing in them.
 Thomas spent most of time building in the sand.
 The Beach at night.  Chris perfecting his fire bending.
 Looking for coins.
 Grandma and Grandpa's new dog, Lady.  The kids loved her.

 Even though the pond does not have big fish anymore it was still fun for the boys to find the little fish.
Lizzy at the beach.  She decided to collect shells.  She brought home a ton of beautiful shells.


This time while visiting Grandma and Grandpa Shaw we decided to stop by Disneyland and California Adventure.  Oh--the fun and excitement.  We went for one long day.  It was very fun.

 Lizzy decided not to wait in line to meet a princess but she was able to see one walk by.  It was so cute.  I wish I could have captured it on camera.  The princess was surprise and so happy to see Lizzy and Lizzy just died seeing her.

 Waiting in line for Star Tours. 
Since it was raining the lines were very, very short. 
Some rides were a 10 minute wait because you had to walk such a long distance to get from point A to point B (glad we didn't have to wait from Point A to Point B).
 Splash Mountain

 We went to California Adventure to Car land.  It was very cool.  It really left like you were in Radiator City.  We got to go on most rides once and we were lucky enough that the boys got to ride Lighting McQueen and Lizzy got Sally.  Lizzy says this is her favorite ride even though she didn't win the race.
 Yes, we went to Disneyland in the rain.  
  (2 out of the 3 times I have been to Disneyland it has been raining.  I blame my children.  Whenever, we go on vacation, it is raining.  I told them this is the last vacation I take them on because I personally like the sun.)
 I love to go on the swings.

The bug show is one of my favorite. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Piano Lessons

What do slides have to do with Piano Lessons?
This is what we do while we wait for Thomas and Henry's Paino lessons.
We hang out at Jefferson Elementary School and play on the slides.

 Even Maggie loves the slides. 
She will go the whole time if I let her.

 A boy and his dog!!!!
One last time!!!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween 2012

We were able to go trunk or treating this Friday at church.
The kids were really excited because they will be able to wear their costumes twice.
 This is what Thomas looked like after his science experiment blew up in his face.
 One of the most common pictures of Albert Einstein.
 Oh-yes, Lizzy is a clown this year.
All I can say it fit her.  The best clown ever.
Not one serious picture of all them standing but I do have a clown.  And clowns make everyone else silly too.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life at the Shaw's

 Lizzy and Elena at Henry's soccer game.

 This is what fall and winter are all about.  Cuddling up in a blanket!!!!  All Lizzy needs now is a good book and some Hot Coco. 
 Well, the dry spell is finally over and it started raining this week really hard. 
My children love the rain and were sooooo excited for it.  They waited for the thunder and lighting to pass (well except for Thomas) and went to splash in the puddles.
(sorry no pictures of Thomas because I was not going to go out in the thunder and lighting)
My children were excited to play soccer in the rain (weird).  I personally am sad the rain has come back and the sun is gone.  I love the sun.

Maggie will do anything for Chris. 

Action Shots of Thomas

Here are the action shots of Thomas that I promised. 
We have one more week of soccer. 

 Here comes trouble!!!!!


It has been a great year for Thomas
(they actually won a couple of their games!!!!!)