Sunday, July 24, 2011

House Improvements

WOW, What a week!!!

(More like what a month)

I feel like I haven't stopped moving since the middle of June

but I am starting to see the end of the house projects.

This pass week I haven't done much to the house because my Dad did it all (with alittle help from Chris). I sat on the couch and was exhausted doing that.

Dad refinished the floors. They sparkle and are so easy to clean!!!!
He put in a vent with a microwave

He put up railing!!!!!

My Dad put in a new sink, toilet lid, fix the floor where there were soft stops and put down a new floor. It looks so great.

THANKS DAD for all the hard work!!!! It looks great.

Thomas's Twilight Camp

Thomas had a great time at Twilight Camp this year.

This year was a nautical theme. It was great. The boys were able to explore sea life, learn to tie knots, make lots of great wood crafts, and just have fun with a bunch of boys.

His den was called the sharks

Be Be Guns---YEAH!!!!!
Thomas making his treasure chest.

Thomas doing his cheer (done to the theme from Jaws)


Raingutter Regatta (I hear Thomas had to improve the design)

Thomas doing his skit (how to chase a worm)!!!!!

Very funny

Henry's Twilight Camp

This pass week has been Twilight Camp (cub scout camp)!!!!

4 days of fun, fun, fun!!!

I tell ya, Thomas and Henry had a great time.

Knot Game (I don't think they ever were able to get it right)
The boys did 3 wood projects---treasure chest, Catapult, periscope

Be Be shooting is one of the boys favorite activity

Archery is the other favorite activity

The boys played flag football and soccer for field games

The squirrel dance was great fun

Just hanging

Raingutter Regatta

(good luck with the wind)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 4th Week

We had a great July 4th Day. We went to a ward breakfast and then headed out to Round Rock Beach but were unable to go there because we needed a state pass so we went to Salt Creek instead. It was great to be at the beach.

This year the boys were old enough (and Chris was there) to go to the island and play around on it for awhile.
I always have to look up when I take pictures of Thomas.

Lizzy really wanted to go in the waves. I was not prepared to go in the waves since we ended up going to a different beach. But I rolled up my pants and we played in the waves for a long time chasing a huge crab.

Lizzy hanging out in a puddle of water (it was way warmer then the ocean).

After the beach we went to Port Angeles Parade and hung out with the Butterworth's and the Bohmans. It was great. (I have finally learned to bring my winter jacket on the 4th of July. I will not have to do it next year.)

What else did we do last week. We traveled to Bremerton 3 days so Thomas could do rock climbing camp. Thomas loves clibming. He would like rock climbing shoes and ropes for his birthday. While Thomas was climbing, Lizzy, Henry and I went miniature golfing, swimming at the Y, play at the park and went to a bug museum. (Sorry, I have no pictures).

This week we are hanging out with each other and getting the house ready to put on the market. I actually see an end to all the work we are doing on the house.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well, if you haven't heard we are moving to Utah.

Chris accepted a job in the Utah Valley area. He will be starting work on August 8th.

The rest of the family will be following him as soon as we can sell the house (which we hope it is sooner then later. Pray that our house will sell quickly)!!!!

YES, things are a little stressed over here!!!

YES, we are excited!!!!

YES, we are very nervous and don't really know what to expect!!!!

YES, we are going to miss a ton of people here in Port Angeles (many people have told me I have ruined their day).

YES, I am excited to see my family (that includes both sides) more often.

YES, it is going to be really weird to have temples everywhere but it will be really nice.

YES, I am going to miss the mountains full of trees.

YES, I am going to miss watching all the cruise ships pass by in the middle of the night. They are so beautiful.

Anyway, I could go on forever with all the things that are going through my head but right now we are taking things one day at a time and trying to plan one week at a time.

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation started on the 21st and we have been hanging out at home since then. It has been nice to sleep in, and "relax" the rest of the day.

The weather hasn't hit above 70 yet but we are hoping we will be able to go to the beach soon in our swimming suits!!!!

Even though it hasn't hit 70 degrees yet, we decided to get out the pool!!!!

They are going to die in Utah's heat if they can play in the water in 60 degrees.
They played out for about a hour.

So a couple of months ago we picked up tons of beetles, damselfly swimmers, tadpoles, etc. We have ignored them until a couple of days ago when Henry discovered a whole bunch of damselflies had matured and we have two frogs. The best type of pets!!!!

It is hard to tell but Henry and Lizzy are holding the frogs in the last two pictures.

Chris' work party is always fun. We actually had a really fun day. We went and saw Cars 2 (which was pretty good. Lizzy has been playing secret agent since then) and then we went to the Chris' work party.

Chris got sick for the rest of the day!!!!

Henry and the twins. It is great to be really cool!!!

Lizzy thought it was great to get her face painted.

We also biked down to Hollywood Beach (even Lizzy) and caught a tons of Hermit Crabs. We spent a couple of hours there and I thought Lizzy would have a hard time riding home but she was quicker home then going there. I don't know where she gets her energy.

They love it down at Hollywood Beach. They have spent hours and hours finding animals and digging in the dirt.