Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Henry was a dragonfly on Halloween Day and a soccer player on Saturday!!!

Isn't it great that Thomas can get ready for himself. Lizzy loved watching him.Lizzy is a pink and black cat for Halloween.

Meow is all she said all afternoon

Lizzy is so excited for treat and tricking. Life is great when there is chocolate around.

Thomas was a mad scienctist.

The load from one treat or tricking stop. Lizzy is trying to get Thomas to give her candy!!!!!

Lizzy lined up all her candy and then ate most of it on Sunday!!!!

We went and got pizzas from Papa Murphys. Lizzy even saw an ape making her pizza. I couldn't figure out if she really thought if the ape was real or fake.

I really like this picture. They are such good friends!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


At dinner-----

"You need to eat enough not to be hungry for one hour" (I said it)

"I will try." (Thomas)

Thomas cannot get enough to eat!!!!!

I thought it was funny.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Soccer Season

Thomas and Henry playing around at soccer practice.

It has been soooooo nice that Thomas and Henry are on the same team. They have wonderful coaches. (We have had both coaches before, so I was excited to have both of them together. Toga and Don are wonderful coaches.) The coaches work hard at teaching the boys skills. The boys have not won one game this year but they sure are getting better and better. Last game they played so well. They tied the game and probably had 20 or so shots at the goal. They are really starting to play as a team.
Thomas working on skills.
It was hard to get a picture of Thomas during the game. He actually shot at the goal and almost made a goal. I think it really surpise him. Thomas has endured the soccer season. He got sick a couple of weeks into it and still can't shake it off.

Lizzy hangs out with me during soccer practice and teams. She also plays with Jacob, but has a major crash on Alex. She told me last night that Alex is her prince. I told her she has at least 16 more years till she can decide who her prince will be. (But who can resist Alex's smile. Alex has been Thomas's teammate for the last couple of seasons and is really nice but I do think he is alittle too old for her.)

Henry is #9. Look at how big the person he is guarding. Henry's nickname is the fireball. He is almost always where he needs to be and is able to kick the ball out of danger. He is usually the mid. So he runs here and he runs there.

Isn't he great. He loves the game.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire Bending

This past weekend Henry needed to finish up his Wolf requirement. (Since we changed our plans this summer---getting thehouse ready to sell and trying to move, we were not able to camp. So we needed to have an outdoor meal.) Since Chris came home this past weekend, and he is the fire bender in the family, he needed to teach the next generation.

Lizzy is not very intersted in fire bending. She runs everywhere and can run fast and far.
The power of fire.

Henry was able to fire bend. We were able to roast hot dogs, smores and starbursts.

Henry is starting to master fire bending.

Happy Birthday Thomas

Happy Birthday Thomas.

Thomas turned 10 last Saturday!!!

Thomas got his last 5 quarters to complete his state quarter collection.

He is now collecting the National Park Quarters. I think he has 3 quarters so far.
He got some cool rocks and some snap electronics.

Chris and I got him a bike. It is great. A mountain 21-speed bike.

Chris was able to come home this weekend and spend time with us all. He took Thomas out for a long bike ride to teach him how to use the 21 speeds. He loves it. That is all he wants to do right now is bike here and then bike there.

Thomas is 10!!!!! Double digit

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Lizzy

Happy Birthday Lizzy!!!!!

Lizzy is 4 years old today!!!!!

We had a friends party at McDonalds today.
As we all know Lizzy is a big Ham. She was able to get 3 out of the 5 friends to be a ham with her today at her party. Lizzy is known for being very funny. We went to the dollar store yesterday and she picked the disguises and the large hats for her party. The kids laughed and laughed and laughed. It was great.

It was really hard to get all 5 kids together. Cami, Elena, Lizzy and Grant are in the picture but Charlie is missing. Her friends are great. She will really miss them when we move.

She felt very speical today and why not, she was (and always is). I can't believe she is 4 years old.

Elisa was being chased by all the kids with their horns (which were also very loud and annoying)!!!

After her party, we came home and babysat the Butterworth's. I forgot how busy 1 year olds are. They are into everything. After the Butterworth's left, we sat down and had a party upstairs eating pizza and root beer floats.

We will have the whole family party on Saturday when Chris is in town. We can't wait to see him!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conference Weekend

On Sunday, the children woke up to a yummy breakfast. Thomas has been bringing home state books and in those state books are recipes. We decided to make the official New York Muffin. It is called New York Apple Muffin recipe. It was pretty good. We had to use Washington apples from our next door neighbor's. But Washington is also known for their apples. We also tried Florida's recipe. It was called Orange Citrus Smoothie. They were both pretty good. We will probably make them again.
After conference we went to Hamilton school and tried out our Viking catapult. I made the catapult a couple of days before the Webelos were going to make it. It turned out pretty good. I was pretty impressed that I lased all the knots and it stayed together.

Thomas and Henry in the tree again. Henry is in brown. He is harder to see.

My cute fairy is mad at me and I thought is was really funny she put herself in the corner. Look at her hips. Quite funny!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Other random things going on

Thomas had to show me what he does at Recess.

Basically the same thing he does at home.

He climbs and hangs upside down.

Well, I found this great place to take a picture of the kids (I was thinking for a Christmas Card) but I think this is the best one out of 50.

I don't know about where you live but in September all the crane flies come out. Lizzy and Henry have collected about 50 of them so far.

Life is great when the boys go to school. Lizzy gets to pick her own TV show, and where she gets to sit while she watches it.

Lizzy and I painted our toes this week. We both picked pink polish.

Lizzy also started Preschool this week. Isn't she cute!!!


We were able to go to the DAM celebration this weekend.

It was the last DAM summer and the last DAM September this past year. SO......

The boys wanted to go sing DAM songs with Ranger Jeff.

We were able to get our DAM T-Shirts.

Basically, we had a DAM great time

OR you could say---The Elwha River Restoration-Natural Wonders Never Cease

This past year we have watched the DAM decrease in size to just a little river. We (my cub scout den) also have helped plant vegetation in the Sequim nursery from the Elwha section of Olympic National Park to replant the vegetation in the coming years were the DAM use to be.

They started taking down the DAM this past week.

Aren't they cute with their salmon hats.

Henry's is a Sockeye Salmon and Thomas's is Pink Eye Salmon

Dancing with Ranger Jeff.

More dancing!!!!

The rope

If I would have known a rope would give so many hours of playtime I might have saved it for Thomas's Birthday.

I know you are all wondering how the rope swing and repelling are coming along at our house. Thomas has progress to the top of the railing on the lower deck. He takes the rope and swings from on top of the railing and he is able to swing over the fence. Rosie (the dog next door) is usually right there ready to get him.
Yes, the rope went with us to Hamilton (the boy's school) on Sunday (during our open house). They decided to go to school because their teachers do not let them climb the trees!!!

Up the trees they went.

Thomas was trying to use the rope like you would with rock climbing. (We need to get him some classes with rock climbing)!!!!

Higher and higher they went . . . . .

until I could not see them very good.

Do you see Henry (he is at the top of the tree)?

Henry took my camera with him once to take a picture from the top of the tree.

Do you see me? Yes, the ant-looking figure at the bottom.

Later that day, Thomas found another tree to climb.

Yes, I wish we had a yard full of trees.