Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween 2012

We were able to go trunk or treating this Friday at church.
The kids were really excited because they will be able to wear their costumes twice.
 This is what Thomas looked like after his science experiment blew up in his face.
 One of the most common pictures of Albert Einstein.
 Oh-yes, Lizzy is a clown this year.
All I can say it fit her.  The best clown ever.
Not one serious picture of all them standing but I do have a clown.  And clowns make everyone else silly too.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life at the Shaw's

 Lizzy and Elena at Henry's soccer game.

 This is what fall and winter are all about.  Cuddling up in a blanket!!!!  All Lizzy needs now is a good book and some Hot Coco. 
 Well, the dry spell is finally over and it started raining this week really hard. 
My children love the rain and were sooooo excited for it.  They waited for the thunder and lighting to pass (well except for Thomas) and went to splash in the puddles.
(sorry no pictures of Thomas because I was not going to go out in the thunder and lighting)
My children were excited to play soccer in the rain (weird).  I personally am sad the rain has come back and the sun is gone.  I love the sun.

Maggie will do anything for Chris. 

Action Shots of Thomas

Here are the action shots of Thomas that I promised. 
We have one more week of soccer. 

 Here comes trouble!!!!!


It has been a great year for Thomas
(they actually won a couple of their games!!!!!)

Boy's Weekend

The Boys (Chris, Henry and Thomas) went down to Northern California for an Airshow.
Uncle Ben called up and asked if they could come down and hang for the weekend.
What a fun weekend they had. 
They played laser tag, went to a jumping, trampoline place, played video games and card games, ate yummy food plus went to the airshow and came home exhausted.
They love hanging out with their cousins, and their aunt and uncle.
Chris even learned a few things that Ben and I have in common (like we both hate Halloween, Ben is over hating Oatmeal--not me, and we both say we are tired a lot---but I am tired by the time I see Chris at night.)
(Got one picture of all of the cousin together, and two others with people in it that were family.  Pretty amazing since they took over 350 pictures of just the airshow!!!!!)

The boys could tell you what airplane is which one but I don't know most of them.

I am guessing this picture is on the way home. 
Isn't it great.

I tried doing a couple of videos but I couldn't figure it out.  But at least I got one.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Cone of Shame

 Maggie had surgery yesterday and came come with the "cone."
Poor, poor Maggie.
She has a hard time moving around with the big cone on but she keeps licking her incision. 
Doesn't she look sad (actually she looks a lot better then last night) but still sad. 
I didn't think I would miss her yesterday but I missed having her around.  She is good company for us all.

Happy Birthday Thomas!!!!!!

 Thomas turned 11 this year.  YEAH!!!!
(Our Family now is in every age division of scouting)
He had a great birthday
(and is still waiting for some of his presents---namely his Mother and brother)

 He got a waffle maker from his Grandma and Grandpa Damstedt. Now maybe he will eat breakfast happily.
(Lizzy got an easy-bake oven for her birthday---does this point out that I am doing something wrong with my cooking?)
Thomas is such a 11 year old.  I love it.  He loves food.  He had steak, herb pasta for dinner with Wacky Cake and Oreo blast ice cream for desert.
(not as many pictures as Lizzy but he still had a blast this past weekend.  Which I will try to blog later.)

Golden Birthday

Last Friday Lizzy had her Golden Birthday. 
WOW!!!! I cannot believe she is already 5!!!
We had her family birthday party on Tuesday since the boys would be gone on her real birthday.
So we basically celebrated Lizzy's birthday all week.

 Henry was very thoughtful and pressed flowers for Lizzy.
Henry is our romantic.
 Lizzy was so excited about all her presents.  Her expressions are great. 
I remember at Christmas when she was one she shook with excitement.

 Friday, Lizzy had two of her best friends over for a girls night in (and out).
Oh-Lizzy she is such a clown.
 The girls first got pedicures. Lizzy loves to soak her feet on a regular basis so why not have a professional do it.  She loved it.  She cannot stop talking about it.

 They all picked different colors and they all got a flower on their big toe.  So cute.
 Elena's mother made them matching skirts.  Aren't they cute walking across the road.
 After the pedicure we came home and had pizza, strawberries and raspberries and watched the NEW Barbie movie, The Princess and the Popstar. 
Life is great!!!!!