Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Day of School

We have made it through another year of school and are ready for summer vacation!!!!

This is how they all were the morning of the last day of school.

Lizzy didn't want to get out of bed!

The boys at breakfast!!!

I always like to take a picture of the first day of school and the last day of school!!!

I took the blinds down yesterday and this is how my boys spend their extra time before school!!!!Lizzy and Charlie playing right before the party started.

The boys had such a great time last year and the end of the school party, we decided we should have another one. Of-course, the way to a boys heart is food. We had a lot of food, fun and games.

Playing games!!!!

Thomas can't stop climbing. He needs a climbing gym.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Olympic National Park Quarter

Yesterday, was June 14th (Flag Day) but more important it was the release of the Olympic National Park Quarter. Thomas' class was able to go to the ceremony of the releasing of the quarter and was able to get a new shinny quarter!!!!

Thanks Mrs. Baccus for doing this field trip just for Thomas!!!!

The national bird

(I find this picture pretty funny with the body guard in the background)

We were also able to see a real bald eagle and two babies flying overhead during the ceremony!!!!!

Part of Thomas' class

The welcoming song from the Lower Elhwa Tribe

Thomas first quarter (he even got a P quarter)!!!!

We went to the bank today and got a roll of Quarters but they were from the Denver mint.

If you would like a quarter, just drop us a note and we would be happy to send you one. They are really cool!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Shaw pictures

Isn't Henry cute!!!!!
Lizzy has decided to like Chris. I think it has really helped that I leave and do aquatic aerobics twice a week and he has to put Lizzy to bed.

I have decided to make some headbands since I can't find what I am looking for. I made two on Saturday and then my rotary cutter broke. They are awesome and really easy to make (even for me)!!!! I can have my hair back and out of my face. It is great.

Kid's Marathon

The three kids before it started!!!

Miss Elizabeth running the race.

(Boy was she tired after all she did that day)

I don't have any pictures of the boys since I didn't run with them and it was really hard to take pictures when all the children looked the same. Most of them had on their kid's marathon shirt and there was over 400 kids that did it. It was crazy but fun!!!! Can't wait til next year!!!!

Spring Soccer

Well, soccer season as come and gone again. The boys were able to do a soccer clinic with the peninsula college soccer teams (both boys and girls). They played on small fields and worked on their skills. It was really fun to see the kids interact with the college folks.

Personally, I think the field is what rocked. It is fake grass. Plus it doesn't stay wet (big bonus because it rained like crazy here this spring). It could pour and within 30 minutes I could sit on the ground and not be wet.

Thomas playing a game on Saturday

Thomas doing exercises. I thought it was great all those boys doing kicks.

More warm-up exercises.

Lizzy and her good friend Elena. They both brought their poodle purse. Did they plan this? No, they just think alike. Lizzy and Elena enjoyed running back and forth between their brother's field.

Henry playing in his game on Saturday (of-course he is goalie!!!!)

Henry doing exercises.

Oh- the competition. Who will be first.

Overall--the boys had a great season.

Biking at the Elwha River

Monday we went for a bike ride for the first time this season (well at least it was my first time.) We had a wonderful time going somewhere new. They just rebuilt the bridge and finished it this past year. It is a double Decker bridge with cars and trucks on top and pediatricians on bottom. Despite the flat we all had we had a wonderful time being out in the sunshine and doing the thing we love. I enjoyed being out in the sunshine and smelling the forest.

Lizzy enjoyed riding on my bike (for awhile) and then running the rest of the way!!!
The boys biking across the bridge!!!

Henry enjoyed collecting insects. Henry decided to try out his collapsible net. He rode this way most of the way. He would jump off his bike randomly when he spied a butterfly he wanted.

Thomas enjoyed climbing up the mountain. The others joined him after awhile.

We decided this is where we are going to hang out during the summer while Chris is at youth group (it is a bummer to have to be responsible but someone has to do it)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bedtime at the Shaw's

I went in to tuck in Thomas for Bed and this is what I found.

I am fine however they go to sleep just as long as they stay in their bed!!!!
A couple of days later I found Lizzy doing the same thing.
(I don't think she saw Thomas)
Poor Henry----He is so tired he falls right to sleep (most nights)


Isn't Lizzy brave. For the last two weeks Lizzy has gone to the deep end and have jumped off the diving board. She loves swimming.

Lizzy doing the Starfish in the deep end of the pool!!!!

Lizzy running with her Dad.

She was really mad the other day when Chris went running without her. She waited her him and Chris took her out for a run. I thought they would be back within 15 minutes (going up the hill and then walking home) NO---they were gone for over a hour. She ran across the two bridges through a neighbor and down the ramp to downtown Port Angeles. Chris said this is where she decided she was hungry and wanted to walk home. But she walked home. She will be ready to run the Kid's Marathon tomorrow!!!! Crazy Lizzy!!!!

Kinetic Contraptions and bugs

Here is another book Thomas has memorized and has asked to do until we say yes!!!!

The boys made a fan from a hobby motor. Pretty fun!!!! Here they are working on it.

They are almost done here. They have carried it around for the last week. They have chopped quite a few things such as popcorn.

Here is Henry using his aquatic net for the first time. We have insects now from the water, and land!!!! It was fun to go collecting and see what we could find. Henry loves to go collecting

Egg Experiment

Thomas has been reading boy books (such as The Dangerous Book for Boys or The Big book for boys). Within those books there are many different experiments Thomas wants to do. This experiment was putting a raw egg in Vinegar for one week. It is suppose to break down the shell and become rubbery. He wanted to do it with uncook chicken leg but I didn't have one at the time.

The egg at the beginning of the week.
After a week we took out the egg and the shell was gone and it was rubbery. It was brown and smelled like vinegar. It was pretty cool. We will probably do it with uncooked chicken bones when I get some. The bones are suppose to be able to bend and not break.

They were bouncing it and rubbing it in their hands. It is pretty gross but a fun thing to watch the egg change over the week.