Friday, December 31, 2010

Victoria, Canada

Well, we finally did it. I have been wanting to go to Victoria to Butchart Gardens to see the Christmas lights. It was really fun. We went over for 3 days so we wouldn't be so rushed. We went and did all the tourist stuff we normally do. It was great to be there for a couple of days. We slept in, played at the hotel pool and even find Henry some new shoes. YES---it has taked almost 7 hours of shopping to find shoes Henry likes (and he is 1/2 size smaller then Thomas!!!!) Overall, the trip was nice and relaxing (as relaxing as you can have with three children going in different directions). It is great to have older children!!!!
Between the three cameras we took over 350 pictures. You can tell their personalities by what they took picture of.......
Thomas' pictures

Thomas took pictures of birds, the water going fast under the Coho, models of villages, boats, etc.

Henry's pictures!!!!

Henry took pictures of fossils, bugs (alive and dead---didn't matter), boats, airplanes, etc.!!!!

Enjoy our pictures!!!!!

The kids at Butchart Gardens in the Japenesse section.

British Museum

Okay, this is not in the British Museum but the boys are on the Coho coming over. The wind was really strong. I personally don't get seasick and actually like the rocking feeling. None of the kids got sick either. It was fun to be a boat ride that long (It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to Victoria).
Lizzy being a spider playing hopscotch.

Henry learning about entomology at the British Museum. They had an exhibit about what the scientist do who work at the museum. I thought it wouldn't be that good but I really like it. It was really fun to see what scientist do over in this part of the world. I could work for them. They had Life studies so entomology, ornithology, botany, invertebrates, etc. Henry loved the bugs, Thomas loved the birds, I was fascinated with all the animals, Lizzy went this way and that way and Chris tried to stay with her.

Thomas enjoying a minute of quiet at the museum.

Lizzy always on the go!!!!
I didn't get to many pictures here (because my camera doesn't take really good pictures without the flash). The British Museum is one of my favorite museum. It reminds me of the one we would go to in Denver (even though there isn't many similar artifacts).
We also went and saw an IMAX while we were at the museum---about waves!!!!

Butchart Gardens and skating

Thomas skating.
He is a lot like Chris where he can go do something once and be pretty good at it. He slipped a couple of times but got the hang of it pretty quickly!!!! He says he likes roller skating better but I think if he did this more often he would be really good at it.
Chris helping Lizzy out. She didn't like it at all!!!! She was on for maybe 10 minutes and then Lizzy and I got off and looked at the train.

Henry is awesome. By the end of the time he was getting the hang of it. I think it is great that he is willing to try anything (well almost anything).

Henry got better as he went along. He was willing to get off the fence and try skating on his own. He had a hard time getting back up.
There is Chris just hanging out. (Ask him how many times he has went. Not many and he is pretty good at it)!!!

Lizzy liked this part the best. Eating the snow on the side. Yeah---we have a problem with eating things we shouldn't. (The grossest thing on the trip---She dropped her gum in the public bathroom and put it back in her mouth. When I told her she should throw it away (already in her mouth) she chewed harder.

The only family picture we got. Enjoy!!!!

I like this Buddha. This was in the Japanese garden.

This is the sucken garden during the day.

This is at night. I didn't get a really good picture but hopefully you get the idea.

The kids and Annabella!!!!

Lizzy didn't like skating at all but she loved the carousel. She could have gone on it over and over again with every different animal.

Henry sitting on the city bus after a night of fun. He earned the candy cane by finding every thing on the scavenger hunt. He looks like he had a great time.

They also looked like they had fun but they look like they are tired!!!!

Bug Zoo and Coho Home

The bug zoo was awesome. Henry loved the bugs. He listened to the guy talk for about 1 1/2 hours. He was more than willing to hold any insect they would let him. I asked Henry if he wanted to work here when he was older and he said NO. He said he would rather go and collect the insects and put them in the zoo. Way better answer. A scientist in the making!!!!
Lizzy didn't mind holding the insects either. People were surprise she would do this.

The lobsters didn't like Lizzy being so close. They were doing all sorts of stuff to warn her away.

Thomas had a fun time holding the insects.

Henry has an new mustache.
Isn't he crazy. I think that would tinkle to have all those legs on my face.

Thomas and Henry arriving back in America!!!!! Don't they look cold. While we were in Victoria it was really cold for us Port Angele people. It was about 25 degree (Okay I know you are thinking it isn't that cold but we were not prepared for it. We were having 50 degree weather a couple of days before that!!!

Lizzy and I leaving Victoria. We were outside walking the deck for about 40 minutes. The captain (or whoever was in charge) asked Lizzy to ding the bell. She was shy so I did it for her but the captain imitated the sound of the bell for the big horn. It was fun.
Well, we told the boys that they could stay up as late as they wanted when we got home from Victoria. (I thought they would be really tired after three days a fun, fun fun. But no---they are still having fun playing their new Wii game with their Dad. We will see how long they last.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Actually, this picture was taken the night before. They were so excited for Santa to come. We went and looked at lights. It was fun to see how excited Lizzy got looking at the lights. Then we came home and had EggNog or Apple Cider!!!! The children went to bed and went to sleep really quick (which surprised me). But they were also up really, really early!!!!
Okay, I can't figure out why Lizzy's picture is right next to the other one. Anyway, the picture of Lizzy is getting her pinkalicios book. She was so excited to get her own copy!!!

Thomas playing Bananagrams (he can't wait til Grandma Damstedt's comes)

Thomas got the Big Box this year!!!!

Doesn't he look grown up!!!!

Yes, Thomas and Henry got camera's for Christmas. Henry has been taking pictures since Christmas
Henry is so excited to get some butterflies!!!! We are going to do the ant farm first. The ants are on their way!!!! Butterflies in the spring

Henry thought this was a remote control Car???? It really is a fishing net.
Lizzy got her own pink nail polish!!!!!
We have played pinic today with all of her stuff animals


The week before Christmas was fun. We hung out at home most of the time. We tried to snowshoe (Hurricane Ridge was closed) and Tangled wasn't in our theater anymore. We were able to make igloo's with some of our friends, finish up shopping, and deliver our surprise Santa present (which was really fun). Chris also put up new blinds in our bedroom and living room. My room looks much better.

Henry's Igloo
Isn't he cute with no front teeth

Thomas' Igloo

Thomas' finished Igloo

Making Igloo's

Lizzy had fun making her Igloo

Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa's Visit

Aren't they cute talking to Santa