Friday, October 29, 2010

2nd broken bone

YES, Thomas fell out of a tree and broke his wrist (the distal radius bone). It is called buckle break. There will be no swimming, rock climbing, climbing up trees, soccer (luckily he has one more game) for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Basically you name it he can't do it.

Halloween Fun

Thomas is a clone trooper and Lizzy is a witch. Henry was at soccer practice so he ended up being a soccer player for the trunk or treat.

Henry loved bobbing for apples. I think we came home with 20 or so apples.

Donuts were another big hit

Lizzy was a little more refined with her donuts.

Fall has arrived

We played in the leaves last week.
We carved pumpkins for Family Night on Monday

Aren't they scary!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Variety of Things

We have had fun this last week at the Shaw household. We basically did the same thing we did last week and the week before. Here are a few highlights

Our Neighbor gave us a big box. Oh the hours of fun. We can read in it.
And we can stuff it with blankets so we can touch the ceiling.
(Plus many other things our mother didn't document because she was ignoring us as long as possible).
Lizzy loves fabric and got this idea from her Grandma Damstedt. She sat for about a hour and cut all the fabric out and made different patterns.

This picture reminds me of The Cat in the Hat.
"I can stand on a ball but Oh, that is not all".
(I don't think the quote is quite right, but you get the point)
Lizzy had her Pink Princess Party. I didn't take too many pictures and never got all five of them together. But this one I love with all three girls playing the piano. She had a wonderful time and we played party for a couple of days after that. Lizzy said her favorite game was kiss the frog (just like Pin the Tail on the donkey).

Friday, October 8, 2010

Vertical World

All three boys bouldering.

There was a rock that you could go all the way around. Thomas made it the farthest and did four out of the six walls.

Chris and Henry bouldering.

Henry like going up until he got to a certain point then he would get scared and want to come down.

Lizzy bouldering.

I had to be careful with her because once she got into it I had to make sure I could reach her because she would go to high for me.

Thomas repelling down the wall

Where is Thomas. YES all the way at the top

Thomas bouldering

What a great place Vertical World is!!!!

Chris thought of rock climbing for Thomas' birthday since he climbs up everything. You give Thomas any pole and he climbs up it with no problem.

We sign up for one hour because they said the kids would be tired after one hour but they were wrong.

Thomas was really good at it. I think he was better at Bouldering then with the rope. He would just climb straight up either way. I think we have a new hobby, something fun to do in Silverdale instead of shopping.

Thomas is NINE

Breakfast this morning

Thomas got quarters for his birthday from quite a few a you. He only has 4 or 5 more to get. I will blog what he needs later. Thanks to all of you who has been sending him quarters. He really really loves them.

He loves his watch. I don't have to wear mine now since he tells me the time all the time

I really cannot believe my Thomas is already nine!!!! This morning we all slept in because there was no school and then had chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream for breakfast. My cakes may not look good but they taste just fine.
Then we got ready to go to Silverdale to climb the wall!!!

Family Celebration

She got a bouncing ball from Henry and Thomas
A pink bike.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Well, we celebrated Lizzy's birthday in bunches this year. One present here and another there. A little cake here and some more there. It seems this birthday is going on forever. It should end on Monday!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lizzy is Three

Lizzy with her new dishes!!!!
She loves them and we have had lots of great meals with them
YES, I had to blog this because I wanted to prove that whatever I do for birthday cakes, they never, never turn out. (This is the good side)

This is how Lizzy celebrated her birthday dinner and family party. I guess three is really exhausting.
I tried to wake her up three times and she would not get up for anything (She didn't get up until 7:30 this morning---14 hours of continually sleeping). So we haven't opened presents or had her birthday cake but we did eat her birthday dinner without her.