Sunday, November 22, 2009

1st Pack Meeting

Relay Race for knot tying
Boys receiving their segment awards

Bobcat award

Thomas went to his first pack meeting. I figure I have another 60 or so to go. Thomas was awesome last night. He got his Bobcat, 2 Belt buckles (soccer, and chess), and 3 segments (American Flag, knot tying and physical Fitness). Way to Go!!!!

Rain, Rain and more rain

Our pond in the backyard (yes my house is very muddy)
Aren't they cute

Splashing in the puddles

If you look at Thomas, he has a shovel to show you how deep the hole they have dug. In the middle it is much deeper.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random fun pictures

Henry came home and drew and colored this picture. He did an awesome job. He will not let me have it but he said I could take a picture.
Lizzy loves her pull-ups (even though she doesn't need them). Anything with Cinderella on it she loves.

Chris and Henry taking pictures of themselves.

We have been doing just great this last week. It has rained and rained and rained. Our big hole in the back yard has turned into a pond and almost overflowed . We thought we would put some fish in it.

Fishing with his new fishing pole

Thomas' first cast
Waiting and waiting (after two and half hours we left cold but happy)

Lizzy fishing

Waiting and more waiting

Keep on trying, trying trying

Thomas and the family have gone fishing twice now at the Carrie Blake Lake and we haven't even got a bite. Thomas has had a fun time fishing and learning the basics. He even wants to go back and get those fish that have out smarted him.



The boys had a fun time gathering up the leaves and jumping in them.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Liquid Sunshine

This is what we call liquid sunshine. You can't tell it is pouring rain and hasn't stopped raining since Wednesday night. But it seems like we always see the sunshine wither it is raining or not.



Great picture of Mr. Henry

Lizzy came inside after trick and treating, sat down and was so cute.

Downtown trick and treating

Thomas didn't know his Dad was in the picture.

Halloween was a bust for me this year. But the children still had fun going trick and treating. Here are some cute pictures of them in the Halloween attire.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thomas' Soccer Season

Thomas throwing the ball in
Surrounded by the enemy

run, run run as fast as you can

Thomas and his friend Caleb

Thomas being goalie
Thomas had a great soccer season. He is starting to dribble the ball around people. It was really fun to watch him improve throughout the season. The crocs (team name) starting passing to each other and actually working as a team. I can't wait til next season because they play on the BIG field (U10). Thomas said the best part was getting his ribbon with a gold medal. Way to go!!!!!

Rocket Launch

Thomas finished building his rocket this week and was able to launch off 3 rockets on Friday. Thomas fired off an A and a B engine. Thomas also let Henry fire off an A engine. The B engine went SO high in the air. He thought it was great. It was really fun to watch the rockets go so high in the air. I think we are going to have a new hobby. Anyone coming to see us soon will be able to launch off rockets with Thomas and Henry.