Thursday, January 19, 2012

2nd Round of Winter Break

Port Angeles was hit with snow again!!!!

(Why it is a surprise every year, I don't know but it is.)

We haven't gone to school all week and are not planning on going tomorrow too!!!

What have we been doing since we haven't gone anywhere. . . . .

I finally finished the puzzle. It took me hours to figure out the last 30 pieces but I figured it out this afternoon.

I have also been working hard on finishing up scrapbooks that I have partly finished in years pass. Today, I finished our Alaska trip--2008!!!!

I have played a ton of board games.

I have read hours and hours of books to Lizzy.

We have made and eaten a whole patch of Cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies and many other yummy treats.

It is hard to see but this is Henry on Monday after swimming lessons.

Rolling around in the snow, wet and crazy.

Chris came home around 3:30 and help finish up the igloo the kids were building. They sled on it for awhile and then started digging the igloo out so they can play inside it.

We have made a daily trip up the hill from our house to go sledding. We are sooo thankful, we have friends in the back alley to play with.

All 5 kids are racing down the hill!!!!

Lizzy is so happy!!!!

Thomas being crazy!!!!

Henry is looking like a penguin here.

Honestly, this is how we all feel right now---a little sassy and a little feisty.

We have issued a no touch rule (including not touching their mother).

We are going a little crazy since we haven't been anywhere since last Thursday.

Hope we go back to school on Monday!!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life at the Shaw House

I haven't taken any pictures since Christmas because there hasn't been anything picture worthy. I guess that is how it goes when there is no snow and it is cold outside. We haven't been doing much lately. Here are some highlights from the pass week. . . .
1- It was great to have everyone home from school but it was great to send them back.
2- The boys learned how to play bug-opoly (and have play quite a few times)
3- We learned Thomas grew 1 whole inch this pass month.
4- I think Chris looks and acts like Martin Freeman (on the Sherlock Holmes series from BBS). He does not think so.
5- Lizzy has to have at least 1 hour of water time each day (soaking feet, swimming lessons or being in the bath for 1 1/2 hours )or she will dry out.
6- Having Star War shape pancakes are way more tasty then regular circle pancakes.
7- I still really like all my colors on my walls. It makes me happy to go into the different rooms in my house and have them different colors.
8- Henry has decided what he wants for his birthday and would like it early (we will see).
9- It feels really really really nice to have only one calling for church. Plus I really like the one I have--Webelo Leader
10- It is nice to be almost unpack (even though we didn't move!!!)

Anyway, hope you all are having a wonderful January and getting some sunshine!!!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!