Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Week of Summer

This week the boys asked if they could have some fabric for a project they were doing. Lizzy overheard this comment and was amazed that I had fabric. Everyday since then Lizzy has played with the fabric. She loves it!!!!

This week I was inspired to do some cooking. I think I just wanted to wear my cute apron my mother made me. I decided the donuts on the cover of Better Homes and Garden looked delicious.

They turned out pretty good for never making donuts before!!!! Truly, Fabric inspires us all to do wonderful things.

Well, it is the last week of summer. We start school Thursday!!! I guess I am ready for it but I could handle another 2 or 3 weeks of no schedule. This week we have been hanging out. I started painting Lizzy's room on Monday. The ceiling's painted (clear moon) and 3 out of the 4 walls are painted. It is Carnation Pink!!!! The other wall will be yellow and the trim white. Hopefully, I will have it done before the boys go back to school.
This week we have had lots of kids come over and play (seems like everyday), did a ceramic art project, played at Hollywood Beach, got ready for soccer and got the last of school supplies and hung out for two days because Henry and I have been sick.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camping Trip

Lizzy reading
fire benders in the making

scooting around the camp ground

looking at the creek below

scooting around and around

around and around the campground

Well, I forgot to post pictures of what we did at our campsite. We did the normal things. The boys still love playing with fire. We made most of our meals and treats over the fire which was really fun. We also hung out, played games and read.

Mount St. Helen's

We went camping this weekend. The boys have been asking about Volcano's lately so we thought we would take them to one. So this is what we did......

The boys at the entrance of Ape Cave

Climbing up Ape cave

Lizzy and I waiting for the boys at Ape Cave.

We all went on a tour of Ape cave. Of course Ape Cave was made by Lava flow. (would have taken pictures in the cave but it was dark) The boys went farther in Ape Cave then the tour guide. Lizzy and I came back out since she did not like being in the cold, dark cave.

Lizzy and Chris in tube tunnels made by a volcano eruption.

Inside a volcano tube

Henry coming out of a volcano tube

This was probably my favorite thing we did at Mount St. Helen's this time. There were holes (circles) in the ground and some tubes were the volcano lava went around trees and later the trees decomposed. It was really fun.

The Family

Jill and Lizzy climbing down Windy hike. We went to the top of the mountain and could see the East side of Mount St. Helen's and Spirit Lake (we could see Mount St. Helen's from the bottom of the mountian too!!!)

We went on a hike down to Spirit Lake (2miles---not bad). I have always wanted to see what this lake looked like. It was much bigger then I image. It was recorded that it had waves up to 800 feet when the lava came down in 1980.

Yes, I carried Lizzy everywhere on Friday. This is a picture of Mount St. Helen's in the background. We are almost to Spirit Lake.

Spirit Lake is in the background. This is the sunset as we just as we finished the hike. It was so beautiful. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Okay, we saw this tree stump and thought it was running away from something. Chris is running away from the tree stump.

Johnston Ridge Observatory. This is the west side view of Mount St. Helen's

Thomas plowing up on top of a volcano (we all did at the end of the camping trip)!!!!.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Projects, Projects. Projects

Family Room--East side
Family room---West side

Doors Bob made
Well, I can say we are done with the family room. Well, at least the painting part of it. We still need to get new doors, carpet, put up curtains and put back the pictures on the walls. But at least the furinture is put back and we can enjoy the new color on the wall. We can now start down the stairs and finish the cabinets that Bob made us. Don't the doors look great. I can't wait to use the cabinets!!!!


Emily and Me
Kurt, Travis, Robby, Cassidy, Thomas, Lizzy and Henry

How many monkeys jumping on the bed

We got a little crazy the last couple of hours in the car!!!!

We were lucky to go visit our friends the Nevilles on our way back from Utah. We have seen them in 4 years. It was so good to see them. I sure do miss them.

Lizzy's 8th Week of Summer

Lizzy's new princess comforter.

Lizzy making snacks at grandma's house

Lizzy was a great sport the last week. We had a great time in the car together. Lizzy learned while we were in Utah that slides, benches, or anything in the sun can get really hot. She thought that was really cool. Lizzy had a great time at grandma's shopping and we found a comforter that had butterflies and a castle on it plus it was pink.
She is really glad to have her brothers back home!!!!

8th Week of Summer (I Think)

I can't believe it is already the 8th week of summer and we only have 4 more weeks of summer (or maybe it is 3 weeks left). I can't remember. The boys start school around Labor day.

We have a had a wonderful week. It seemed like we were in the car most of the week but really we were in the car for two days.

The boys had a wonderful time at Grandma and Grandpa Damstedt's house. They went fishing, went to a cave, went fishing, went to a swimming pool (so cool to have an outdoor pool with a slide) and went fishing. They learned about tying flies for fishing, was introduced to Malcolm in the Middle and mindstormers and are still craving limeade.

I have a couple of pictures from the last part of Grandpa and Grandma Camp.

Tying Flies
Playing ball with Grandpa

Henry Fishing
Thomas' fish (over 3 lbs)

We love Grandma and Grandpa

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7th Week of Summer

I finally finished Pete and Jessica's Wedding present and wanted to post it so everyone can see it. I didn't like it until I finally finished late last night. I think it turned out good. Happy Wedding Pete and Jessica!!!!

This week I have been trying to recover from the 6th week of summer. Lizzy and I have had a great time hanging out together. We haven't done much except play with each other.

Family Reunion---6th Week of Summer

The cousins with grandma and grandpa
Finding treasure at the beach

Lizzy, Kate and Eli

Peter is great

Dad taking pictures

Looking for treasure

We had a great week at Lincoln City, Oregon. Here are some of the pictures the last day we were there. I will post more later.