Sunday, June 24, 2012

Round Rock Beach

 We decided to go for a hike to round rock beach since it rained and rained and rained and rained on Friday and we decided it would not be fun to go camping in the pouring rain.  Round Rock Beach or Murdock Beach is really fun because you found round rocks all different sizes. Actually you found all sorts of interesting rocks----round rocks, warty rocks, rocks rolled up inside rocks, agates, etc. .  If you ever come to visit we will have to take you there.   
 The boys found a spot where it look like a bowling alley.  They decided to try it out.  It worked pretty good.
 Thomas on top of the rocks
 The Family on a sit rock
I can't get the kids to smile nicely anymore, they have to be funny!!!!!

First Day of Summer

  My children really, really wanted to go to the beach but it was suppose to be around 63 degrees for the high.  To cold for their mother to put on a swimming suit, so we compromised and went to Salt Creek because it was low tide -1.4.  They wore swimming suit and I did not.  They were playing in the waves within 15 minutes of arriving at the beach.  They had a wonderful time playing in the waves and were cold for the rest of the beach trip. 
 Maggie did not like the water.  She wanted to play with the kids but not that bad. 
Thomas is wearing gloves because he got stung by a bee during the end of the school year party.  Lizzy and Thomas ran into each other and Thomas fell on a bee.  A one in a million fall.  His hand was really swollen (no piano lessons cause he couldn't move his fingers) so he felt the gloves made his hands feel better.
 They made a big fort and filled it up with water . . . .
 making waterfalls
This is how Henry floated back to the car.  So there is the beach you hike to but there is also a river you follow out to the ocean.  

Last Day of School

 We woke up to the sun shining so Henry wore shorts on the last day of school. 

 It is a far away picture (and you cannot really see what they are doing) but I love this about Hamilton school.  On the last day of school all the teachers line up and wave to the children and the children wave back as they drive away. 
 After school we had a party!!!!! 
A bunch of friends came over and they played dodge ball, and capture the flag plus they ate and ate and ate. Plus it was sunny and not windy (think it is the first time that has happened for our party) 
 Henry dodging

 Thomas hiding

We had a wonderful year at school.  Their teachers were wonderful and they grew by leaps and bounds.  

More Puppy Pictures

Yes, we think Maggie is so cute. 
She is just like a newborn baby. 
We watch her do everything and she is cute at almost everything she does. 

 She puts up with a lot.  Lizzy loves to carry her around and
 read to her. 
 They love to watch her eat (they wish they could touch her while she eats but the same rule applies to dogs as they apply to humans.  A no touch rule while at the dinner table!!). 

The kids wake up and swear she grows overnight.  She probably does!!!!  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduation and Concert

 Lizzy graduated from Bohman Preschool on Saturday.  So here are a few pictures of the event. 
We will miss Bohman Preschool.  But we are both looking forward to September when Lizzy goes to BoBaggin Preschool all by herself. 

 Henry had his 3rd Grade Concert on Monday.
Henry didn't smile once during the program.  He endured it. 
I always love going to concerts.  It is fun to see all the different personalities of the children (especially mine!!!)

Henry and his best friend Blake!!!!
Back to Lizzy's graduation.  I thought this was a great picture of her.  She was so excited to graduate.  She felt like a princess (she has a crown on)!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All You Need is Love. . . .

and a dog!!!!

 We (Chris and the kids. I went to Aquatics) picked up Miss Maggie on Tuesday night. 
We didn't have to bad of a first night.
She is a very good puppy.

 Everyone loves her. . . .
even Chris!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crazy Week

We have had a busy but crazy week. 
It first started off with Lizzy and I going to the park on Wednesday.
We usually walk or run or ride bikes to the Circle Park (really called Elks Park) to have a picnic.
We got there and hung out for about 10 minutes when they started attacking us.
You know who they are, the Crazy Crows. 
We were playing tag and the crows (4 of them) would take turns dive bombing us.  One would dive and then the other one would dive not giving us a chance to take cover. 
We hid under the slide and then decided we would eat.  They left us alone while we ate so we thought we would be okay so we thought we would try out the swing.  No that didn't work. They attacked us again and they were even more bold, only inches from my head.  Lizzy and I decided we would not be able to play at the park and would have to run out of the park and hope they would not hit us on the way out.
We ran for it and all 4 crow starting dive bombing us again.  The actually hit me and peck me.  It was so scary and crazy.  They would not stop attacking us.  We ran and ran  I felt like I was on the movie, THE BIRDS.  After about a block we were able to relax.Lizzy and I were able to laugh our heads off once we got away. 
YES, Crows are crazy this time of the year here in Port Angeles.  I am careful were I run in June and don't go down certain roads but I have never been hit before. 
Next time, Lizzy and I will wear bike helmets!!!!! 

 Thomas earned his Arrow of Light on Friday.  He was so excited to actually get a real arrow.  He loves scouts and loves going every week.  He hopes he can earn all the activity pins.  He is getting there. 
 After pack meeting my children surrounded the sewage hole in the parking lot to retrieve a toy that had fallen.  It was really funny.  They found a stick and attached a bandage (because it was sticky) to see if the toy would stick to the  bandage.  They sure tried hard but didn't get it.
 Then Chris came out and tried!!!!!
 On Saturday, my children veto hiking so we decided to teach Lizzy how to ride her bike without training wheels.  I am so proud of her.  She was able to ride without falling the first try. She went around for awhile stopping and going.  After awhile she tried her luck and went down a little hill and fell.  After falling she got scared and didn't want to ride but did great for her first time. 

 Isn't she getting so big.
 While Lizzy was biking the boys were doing amazing tricks on their scooters.

The other great news. . . . . .
We got a dog.
We will have pictures of her when we bring her home on Wednesday.
She is a Labradoodle.  She has curly hair and is chocolate color.  She is very calm.
Her name is Maggie.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life at the Shaw's

 Lizzy and I went to my parents house over Memorial Weekend.  Of-course I didn't take a lot of pictures.  But I did take two.  One of Lizzy on the airplane.  She was so excited to go on one.  She doesn't remember going on one before so it was good for her. 
 The other picture was in bed at Grandma's house. 
 We had a wonderful time there.  We went shopping and ate and then ate and shopped.  Since I have been home I have kept on eating but have stopped shopping.  I also was able to read a lot while there even though I didn't finish the book until I got home.  What a great book it was (Cutting for Stone).  Lizzy had a great time shopping and playing with Grandma and Grandpa.  Lizzy cannot stop talking about how Grandma and her made a cake and put strawberries not only on the top but on the inside.  Plus she got to eat it for breakfast. 
 Lizzy and I went walking on Saturday during soccer around the Peninsula College and found a beautiful patch of Lupines.  They grow wild here and are one of my favorite flowers.  So of-course I had to take a picture.  They smelled so good.
 Thomas and Henry did academy style soccer again this spring.  They had soccer games this Saturday.  It was really fun to watch them (as much as I could with Lizzy wanting attention).  They are getting much better and have really enjoyed playing this spring.

Later on in the day, we went to the Kids Marathon.  The kids kept track of all the miles they have run and walk for the past 2 months.  I am glad it is over.  Henry was very diligent and wore a pedometer most days and was able to track over 200 miles.  WOW!!!!  It was fun to run with Lizzy.  She sure is fast and I can't wait til she has some endurance then she will smoke us all. The boys has a wonderful time running and hanging out with Blake.
NOW, the countdown is on to the end of school and the beginning of summer. 
13 more days of school (not including weekends).