Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo

Lizzy and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo on Monday after we dropped the boys off at the airport.
We sure had a wonderful time.  We were able to do what we wanted when we wanted to.  (It was amazing how different to was to go to the zoo with only one child.  It was heaven!!!)
 I liked this bench.  It was a bear or a gorilla carved.  I would like a bench like this.
 Lizzy's only normal smile picture.  The rest were crazy.
 Life is sooooo much fun.

We took the ferry home.  Lizzy thought it was really cool we could drive our car onto the ferry.  (we usually walk on the ferry).  What a great day!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

good old Mags

 All I can say she is getting big. 
I am surprise she will still let us pick her up but she does. 

Twilight Camp

This week the boys and I spend the afternoon at Cub Scout Day Camp.
They had a wonderful time doing lots of boy things.
Sorry, so many pictures but we had so much fun.

 Den 7, the Zebras (Henry's Den) did opening ceremonies on Wednesday. 
They did a wonderful job.
 They did archery and
 Thomas with his buddy Johnathon.  Thomas was in Den 12, The Warthogs
 We made Rain Sticks.
(We really don't need them here in Port Angeles.  So the Boys and I decided to call them Sun Sticks)
 Thomas's look throughout the day, every day.  (Even when he is not at Day Camp.  Too bad I cannot capture the rolling of the eyes.)
 We sung the squirrelly dance lots.
 More Archery (Every day)
Thomas smoked the den chief (which means he got a better score then the den chief)

 Be Be Guns was so much fun.
Thomas got award shooting.  They had 5 playing cards up.  They had 5 shoots total. 
Thomas did it, he got all 5 playing cards.
 We had Brother Elliot come and teach the boys some African Games.  They were lots of fun.  I will play them with my webelos next year. (since the theme this year was Cubs on Saraha)
 We played two days of Kickball
 More fun games
We did skits and songs.  The Zebras sang about frogs being pop, squished, splashed and whizzed in different machines.   

 Henry is always up for games.  Which was good since we did a lot of them.

 The warthogs also did a funny skit about sand in the ear. 
Yeah, we had such a wonderful year.  Cannot wait til next year!!!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 4th and Beaches

 We had a wonderful 4th doing our traditions we have been doing since we have moved to PA.  We had a ward party for breakfast, had dinner with the Bohman's, went to the parade and went back to the Bohman's and set off a bunch of fireworks.  So much fun.
 This Saturday was suppose to get up to 69 degrees.  I don't know about you but man it is SOOOOO hot that we needed to go to the beach.  (It ended up hitting a high of 64 that day). 
 It felt good to have a sunny day (no liquid sunshine today)!!!!
 Chris was a good sport and took Lizzy around on their tubes while I sat on the beach soaking up the rays.
So, all of my children have had a love for Toilet Paper so why not the dog!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

More Beaches

 We decided to check out a beach we never went to. 
It is called Freshwater Bay (even though it is not fresh water it is salty)
We tried to walk out to the island.  Far away it look like you could get to the island but there was a gap to big to jump.
This beach is known for calm water, birds, and sea glass.
 The island is so close but so far away.
 Lizzy is a very good climber.  She tagged along even though she could have played with her friends.  

On Saturday we went to Cape Flaggery (known for the most northwest corner of the USA except AK) out on the Makah Reservation.
We hadn't been out there since Brad and Eliza came to visit (about 10 years).
We stopped off at the museum (which was really cool).  There were lots of artifacts from Ozette Nation and the Makah Nation.  It give us some ideas of what to do with different natural things around here (like you can sharpen shell and use as an arrowhead).

 I forgot how pretty it is out there.  The water is so blue and the trees are different then in Port Angeles.  It would be really relaxing to sit and watch the boats come through the Strait of Juan De Fuca.  Not relaxing on this hike (3 kids and a dog with cliffs on the left and right!!!!)  We didn't see any wildlife that was unquie, just the normal.
 It was a fun trip to make along the coast.  It takes us about 2 hours to get to from our house.  I love to drive along the coast and see all the different formations of rocks and the wind-blowned trees.

 Isn't this a great picture of our family.  Doesn't Maggie fit right in.  She is getting better at the water stuff.  It rained the whole time we were driving so the trail was pretty muddy and had lots of streams going through it.  Lizzy keeps asking to go on it again (probably in 10 years!!!).  She loved the boardwalk feel of the trail.  Probably 1/3  to 1/2 of the hike is on boardwalk or tree stomps (the tree stomps reminded me of lily pads.  You hop from one to another so you don't get wet.)
Thomas is constently playing the piano and the recorder.  He has sure enjoyed playing the prelude music in  primary the last couple of weeks.