Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Snow of the Season

Well it is begining to look a lot like Christmas!!! (Thomas has song this all day long.)
We have snow on the ground at our house and Henry would like his 2 front teeth!!!!

It started snowing Saturday afternoon. Chris took Henry and Lizzy up to the Heart of the Hills campground to play in the snow since the snow wasn't sticking at our house.

They are ready to play

Chris is sore today. He basically pulled Lizzy and Henry around for about 2 hours. Everytime Chris would stop, Lizzy would tell him to run, run, run.

Crazy Henry

Crazy Lizzy

I have proof that my children are angels (well at least sometimes)!!!!

Henry the angel

Aren't they cute together

Is Henry still an angel?

Since Thomas didn't want to go with them, they decided to bring back a sleigh full of snow.

The snow actually stuck to the ground today, so the kids were able to go outside for a hour after church and play. I think this is the first snow Lizzy remembers (since it didn't snow last year)

Friday, November 12, 2010

5 Day Weekend

This week the boys have a 5 day weekend. We were suppose to go to the Great Wolf Lodge but since Thomas broke his arm we decided to stay home and hang. Chris decided to take the kids up to the Elhwa Dam to see how it was looking. They are starting to drain it.

The water is getting pretty low
Lizzy having a great time. She is happy were ever she goes.

Henry being a brother (and Lizzy ignoring him)

Henry having fun in the wind.

The wind was really strong. They were having a fun time. (Thomas was sitting in the car. He was really cold.)

While the boys and Lizzy were at the dam, I soldered my sunflower. I have been working on this project since February. Isn't it cool. I just need to clean it and put patina on it. It is going in my room.


Henry finally lost his 3rd tooth. He prayed all weekend that he would lose it at school on Monday. His prayer was answered 3 minutes before school ended on Monday. He came out of school with a tooth necklace.
The leaves have fallen and all three children have had some fun raking and burying themselves in the leaves. Can you see Thomas?

The best part about Halloween. Throwing the pumpkins off the upper deck.

Since soccer is over it seems like life has gone from fast pace where I couldn't keep up to a very slow pace (where I can actually make dinner at the right time of the day). It has been nice to be at home and just hang out.