Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have decided to clip out all the different ways Port Angeles can say it is an overcast day!!!!

I honestly didn't know there were soooo many different ways to say there will be clouds in the sky.

Here is what I have found the last two weeks.

Mainly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
Considerable cloudiness with a shower
Rather cloudy with shower or two
Cloudy with a chance of rain
Mostly cloudy with a stray shower
Cloudy with a couple of showers
Chance for a couple of showers
Partly cloudy
Partly sunny
Mostly cloudy with rain beginning
Mostly cloudy with rain possible
Times of clouds and sun
Partly cloudy with a passing shower
Rather cloudy with a shower possible
Cloudy with rain possible
A couple of showers possible
Partly sunny with a couple of showers
Partly sunny with a shower
Cloudy with rain possible
A shower early; mostly cloudy, chilly
Clouds and sunshine
Rain at times
Clouds and sun with a shower
Clouds, rain possible
Cloudy with a few showers possible
Chance for a couple of showers

I will probably get a hundred more sayings before the year is through!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, sorry it has taken me so long to blog. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't download my pictures. I finally figure it out and we are back!

Lizzy loves strawberries. Did she turn pink because of the strawberries or does she loves strawberries because they are pink (red)!!!!
Another love of Lizzy's is corn on the cob.
She is waiting for the boys to come home from soccer.

Lizzy has been loving riding her bike. She goes out in all types of weather. Here she is with an ear infection without her coat riding in the rain. Where is her mother?

The Pinewood Derby

Well, we had the pinewood derby Friday night.

WOW, what an exciting event!!!

There were 20 cars (all 12 cubs from my den came)!!!!

I tell ya, it was fun to see all the boys so excited to show off their car's.

I will start with Thomas. Thomas is tweaking his car to get the weights just right.
Thomas with his car. He named his car blue dart!!!

Thomas showing off his car to some boys in the ward.

Let the racing begin.

Thomas and Henry were in different heats for the first half of the race

(since there was so many cars).

You can see Thomas' car is way ahead of the two other cars.

Here is Henry's car. (Isn't he cute). His car is called the arrow.

Pretty interesting design.

Let the racing begin for Henry.

Sorry it is a blurry picture but you can see how much farther Henry's car is then the other two.

This is where it gets interesting. The Shaw brothers race. Who will win?

In the picture Thomas is smiling (but Henry won the race and knocked Thomas off).

Thomas with some of the cubs in the den.

Henry got most Streamlined award.

Thomas got the most futuristic award.

Well, Henry won 1st place (overall). Isn't that awesome!!!!!

Henry was so happy and didn't gloat about it!!!!

His car was really, really fast.

Thomas told Stacie that he was glad Henry beat the Basden's (which haven't been beat for 4 or 5 years). Henry's car even beat the car with a DCD Hobby motor (or known as a DCD airboat---Thomas is telling me this information). Pretty cool!!!

Thomas did pretty good overall too. He ended up with 5th place. He said he was doing okay and Thomas held it in for a long time saying he wasn't sad but when we got home he cried for 1 hour (saying it wasn't fair that Henry gets all the trophies---since Thomas didn't get a trophy last year for his 2nd place finish).

Henry's Bugz Concert

Henry had a concert on Tuesday all about Bugs. They danced like bugs and sang like bugs and acted like bugs. It was really fun to see the personalities come out. The bug concert was totally up Henry's alley. He decided he wanted to be a Regal Dragonfly, not just any Dragonfly but a Regal.

Henry stood out in the crowd. He did great with his speaking parts and sang great!!!!

Here is Henry's as a Regal Dragonfly.

You can see his tail better in this picture in the others.

Everyone deserves one cool costum in there life time. Henry got his!!!

You can see his wings better in this picture.

Here is Henry with an army ant (or his best friend Blake).

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring is here

Spring is here even though it has been a colder then usual.

We have sure enjoyed the sunshine the last couple of days!!!

Lizzy has decided to climb trees.

(I don't know where she is learning this).

This past couple of weeks I have been outside weeding the yard. Chris put new rocks in the driveway. It looks very nice!!!!

I also went and got a couple of new plants. I planted lemon thyme along my stepping stones. You can walk on them and it will smell good. You can't see it really well but Lizzy and I also planted a pink clematis by the lattice. Hopefully, the clematis will grow up the lattice this summer!!!

Lizzy and I planted strawberries, some Cinderella sunflowers and Cinderella 4 O'clock.

Here are my floating books. Andy wanted to see them. I really like them and hope to get a couple of more to complete the set.

Here are some pictures I found on Thomas' camera

The story behind this picture.---- Henry wanted to see what the birdhouse looked like inside. He first got one chair and stood on it. Then he got two chairs. Then three chairs. After he figured out the chairs would not work he got the trampoline and put the chairs on top of the trampoline. Henry was still not tall enough. He decided to get the recycle can (as big as the trash can) and stand on it. He started to stand on it and the top was starting to cave in. Henry decided he didn't want to break the top of the can. Thomas went and got his camera and took a picture by leaning out of the window from the fort. This is one of the pictures Thomas took and Henry was able to see what was on the inside of the bird's nest.

Thomas' eye

Thomas' tongue (I think)!!!

Lizzy enjoying the sunshine. She has spent many hours coloring on her blanket outside while her mother was weeding!!!!