Friday, September 28, 2012

Last Three Weeks

We have been busy the last three weeks getting into a schedule. 
We are busy with soccer, piano lessons, scouts (Webelos, Bears, soon to be 11 year old scouts and now Young Men since Chris is the new Young Men's President) and our normal day to day life. 
I honestly don't know where September has gone.  But poof,  it is gone.
 Lizzy started Preschool on September 10th (It has been wonderful for her and me).
She loves her teacher Lezlee.  Lizzy is always smiling when I come and pick her up.
 Lizzy in front of her Preschool. It is called BoBaggins'
 Lizzy also was able to go to a Daddy Daughter Dance that the city put on.
She danced a week before and a week after. 
They had a wonderful time going out dinner, dancing and getting desert.
 Cannot blog without a picture of our dog Maggie.  Every morning Lizzy hugs Maggie and Maggie puts up with it (but Lizzy hugs are great).!!!!!
 All three of my kids decided they were playing soccer this year.  I honestly feel like a soccer Mom this year (especially on Monday when I drop Thomas off at 5:00, Lizzy 5:30 and Henry 6:00 with pick-ups at 6:30 and 7:00).
 Here are a few action shots of Henry.  This is him right before he scored his goal of the game. 
He loves soccer and is a fireball.

 Lizzy loves soccer also (but in a totally different way).
She is dancing around the field and not really paying attention to the ball.
She is still a clown!!!!
 Lizzy got to be on Elena's Team this year (added bonus Cami is on it too!!!!)

Oh-yes, life is a party!!!!!

No action shots of Thomas yet (but I'll keep trying).  It is harder to get pictures of Thomas's action since his field is so big (plus he didn't play his normal position last Saturday---He usually plays center-Mid).

Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Day of School

1st Day of School for the boys was Tuesday. 
Henry is in Ms. Bunch's Class and Thomas is in Mrs. Anderson's Class.
It should be a great year (even though the boys are not excited about their teachers.) 
Thomas got into the split class again which he is really bummed about and Henry of-course got a different teacher then Thomas which he is bummed about. They have had different teachers every year except one and the one year they had the same teacher she got married during the summer so she had a different name!!!! 

 Henry is my 4th Grader
 Thomas is my 5th grader
 Oh-the joy to be the older child.
 Best picture of all my children on the first day of school!!!!
 While the boys have been going to school, Lizzy and I have had a great week of FUN!!!! 
She doesn't start til Monday.  She learned to ride her bike without training wheels.  She is so proud.  I don't need to help her at all.
Way to go!!!!
 We also went shopping and got twirly shoes.  She has been twirling ever since.
(Hopefully, she will actually wear these shoes since she is known all over town the girl without shoes.  She will have to wear shoes since she is going to preschool

Maggie has been sad the boys haven't been around lately but she is getting more walks with me.
Look at how big she is!!!