Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Henry


Henry turned 9 this Friday (even though we have been celebrating his birthday all week.)

Henry and Chris both wanted a cheesecake for their birthday.

We decided to have the cheesecake in the middle of their birthdays (Wednesday) and then have a piece every day until the cheesecake was done.

Henry's downfall!!!!

Calvin and Hobbes OR any graphic novels.

He will sit and read the novels for hours until the novel is done (OR until he is done with the series). I love it!!!!!

Henry got a new bike for his birthday. All shinny and new!!!! Now he will be able to stay up with Thomas and Chris on bike rides.

What is a birthday for Henry without a couple of balls!!!!!

Wakey, Wakey Henry!!!!

We love Henry and the kindness he shows towards everyone!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blue and Gold Banquet

It is that time of year again---Blue and Gold Banquet. It wsa Thomas' last Blue and Gold Banquet, Henry has one more and I probably have two more. It was fun to see almost all of the cub scouts there and having fun.

My three cub scouts. I would consider Lizzy a cub scout since she does a lot for them. She is always asking, "is this for cub scouts or for me?"
There are my Webelos doing the flag cermony.

Henry getting ready for his puppet play. It was about cub scouts birthday.

Here is Henry putting on the puppet play.

Isn't Henry so cute!!!!

Here are the Webelos doing the song Oh, Tom the Toad why are you lying in the road. They choose an animal and made a paper bag puppet and we song why they were dead. Thomas was a bat that got hit by a windshield. We had a scout, dog, fish, toad and a bat. It was pretty funny.

The second play the Webelos put on was The four little friends and the big bad bowser. Yes, it was a combination of Mario World and the The three little pigs. Thomas was Bowser. (He amazes me because he always wants the main part in all the plays he has done.) The Webelos made sock puppets (we had Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Mario and Bowser) for it and they turned out really good. They had fun doing it.

Okay, I forgot to take pictures of their puppets so I took them the day after. Thomas did a great job with his two puppets.

Henry's puppet

And of course, I help Lizzy make a paper bag puppet.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life at the Shaw House

Thomas stayed home from school today because he was sick. While he was home he watched To the Limit about some guys rock climbing in Yosemite. Anyway, he found some great ideas to help him with rock climbing. One idea was to balance on a rope. So, the minute he was feeling better, he went out and tried to balance on a rope.

Proof Thomas eats snow.

Lizzy painting her nails. She actually does pretty well.

We went hiking to Mount Storm King again. Thomas wanted to see if he could make it pass the sign that says, "do not pass" and see if he could climb some rocks.

Totally Lizzy. The HAM.

Yeah, it is a long way down.

This is where Henry stopped. He didn't want to climb up the rope. I competely understand.

Here goes Thomas

I am not sure how far he went up the mountain (since I stayed behind with Lizzy). I know he didn't go all the way since he wants to go back there this Saturday. It was getting dark and everyone else was ready to go home.

I like this picture. I always like hiking up Mount Storm King. It is a good hike. Straight up about 2000 ft and straight down 2000 feet. Plus it is short enough that Lizzy can do it without any help. She was running at the end this time. I don't know where she gets her energy.