Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa Shaw

We had a busy week at Grandma and Grandpa's House. 
We went to Disneyland, went to the beach (two times---one time at night and another time during the day), hung out with cousins and second cousins and aunts and uncles, Thanksgiving Dinner, rock climbed, went to Nick's soccer game, shopped with teenagers, did archery, and much more. 

 There are actually waves at Huntington Beach.  The boys (especially Henry) loved playing in them.
 Thomas spent most of time building in the sand.
 The Beach at night.  Chris perfecting his fire bending.
 Looking for coins.
 Grandma and Grandpa's new dog, Lady.  The kids loved her.

 Even though the pond does not have big fish anymore it was still fun for the boys to find the little fish.
Lizzy at the beach.  She decided to collect shells.  She brought home a ton of beautiful shells.

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